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- Delivers professional wine storage services with premium storage facilities and supreme security.

- Service specialization in warehousing and retail delivery.

- We provide storage, container vanning & devanning, handling and labelling services.

​- Control systems for fine wine ensure consistency in temperature (13 C~16 C) and humidity (55%~75%)​

- Control systems for commercial wine ensure consistency in temperature (16 C~21 C) and humidity      (55%~85%)​

- To ensure safety, the wine cellar is 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

- All goods operations are done by our professional staff.

- We procure insurance for our cellar.

- Should there be the need to procure a more comprehensive insurance, we will be glad to render assistance.

HKQAA WSMS Certificate

 Commercial wine storage CC 5612

HKQAA WSMS Certificate

Fine wine storage CC 5613

HKQAA WSMS Certificate

Fine wine transportation CC 5756

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